Development Process

Greaton’s dynamic and comprehensive workflow means a smooth transition from initial design through to construction and finally, delivery phase with ease, clarity and cohesion. It’s a workflow built on the exceptional skills of many individuals with decades of experience and significant local knowledge. It’s about experts with diverse experience across all areas of the property spectrum.
  • Acquisition
  • Research
  • Planning & Approvals
  • Vision & Design
  • Delivery
  • Sales & Marketing


Site acquisitions are forecasted and proposed based on rigorous preliminary research and market analysis. Particular care is taken to ensure developments are planned with consideration for the local cultural and physical environments.


Research and consultation continues prior to the commencement of construction to ensure the needs and desires of the local community have been captured, the environmental impact is comprehensively understood and the project meets sustainability goals.

Planning and Approvals

The logistical side of site management requires comprehensive planning and exceptional attention to detail. Our team manages the DA process with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring a streamlined approval process with all involved stakeholders.

Vision and Design

It takes creative flair and great imagination to visualise innovative developments that meet the needs and wishes of the community coupled with careful consideration for the environment. Our creative team of designers and construction experts bring daring ideas to life backed by extensive financial and professional resources and guided decades of industry expertise and experience.


Consistent with our values of integrity and collaboration, through our streamlined development process, external impact of the construction phase can be minimised as much as possible and projects are completed within specific timeframes and budget.

Sales and Marketing

The design and construction craftsmanship that goes into each Greaton development is the greatest marketing tool we have. Our team of expert project marketers and sales consultants harness the excitement and anticipation around a Greaton project to drive sales and achieve impressive market results.