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Through collaborative and trusted partnerships, bold thinking is brought to life in the form of iconic buildings and sustainable lifestyle developments. Greaton is proud to partner with a selection of world-renowned architects, designers and construction partners in the joint creation of visionary landmarks set to transform cities, enrich communities and foster a greater connection with the environment.

Architecture and Design

With studios in Australia, China, South East Asia, the UK and the US, international design practice, Hassell is a global leader in the practice of contemporary design. Known for their design principles that focus on the way people feel when they experience a building, Hassel believe design must bring a sense of meaning, connection and belonging to each unique project.

Hassell is partnering with Greaton on The Ribbon, Sydney.

An internationally awarded architecture and design practice founded in Sydney, Australia, Marchese Partners has a proven record of excellence spanning 23 years. Known for master planning, architecture, interior design and engineering, Marchese Partners brings diverse thinking to challenge existing paradigms to deliver market-changing projects.

Marchese Partners is partnering with Greaton on Oxford Central.

One of Australia’s most revered architectural and design practices, Adelaide-based Brown Falconer has a proud 72-year history of expertise across the property development sector. With a contemporary design approach focused on bringing socially sustained developments to life, Brown Falconer brings fresh ideas and a wealth of experience to each and every project.

Brown Falconer is partnering with Greaton on West Franklin.


Founded in 1954 as a small family business, Grocon has evolved into an iconic brand in the Australian building industry. With a construction track record that includes some of Australia’s best-known buildings, Grocon has built a reputation for excellence following numerous complex and skyline-defining projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. A leading innovator, Grocon brings a sustainable approach to each and every construction project.

Grocon is partnering with Greaton on The Ribbon, Sydney.

With a reputation for delivering innovative and dynamic property developments throughout Sydney, Ceerose is known for setting new benchmarks in their construction approach. Utilising best-practice techniques and construction principles, Ceerose has set a new standard in the delivery of prestigious developments and is committed to building outstanding properties that exceed expectation.

Ceerose is partnering with Greaton on Oxford Central.

Established in 1987 with a vision to create a construction company focussed on safety, innovation and improving best industry practice, Built Environs has evolved into a world-class construction company working in a wide range of industry sectors. Known for a collaborative and professional approach to construction project management, Built Environs is known for delivering high-quality construction projects on time and budget.

Built Environs is partnering with Greaton on West Franklin.